December 26, 1943

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Linda AustinAugust 6th, 2010 at 5:10 pm

I’m surprised the family did not want to keep some of this as a part of Jim’s legacy, but understand that it can be too much information and items collecting dust. I recently created a book, editing two years’ worth of my husband’s grandfather’s WWII letters home and including photos. Nothing incredible in his letters, but a look at what a navy man’s daily life was like on a supply ship and a great profile on the grandfather’s personality. It’s a great commemorative keepsake vs a stack of fading old letters tied together. I encourage others to do the same with piles of old war materials. I’d think Tojo’s sword would be happily bought by a museum if you ever want to give it up. The photographs and old news clippings may also be a “catch” for the miitary archives. Here’s a link to a PBS site for military history museums.

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