Hideki Tojo 9/11/1945

I purchased another photo from Ebay,an original photo taken on the day Tojo was apprehended.

The auction ad read, “ORIGINAL vintage photo dated 9-14-1945 showing HIDEKI TOJO, Japanese. Prime Minister responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor, and convicted genocide. In the photo, he is shown when he was found “bubbling blood from the chest wound Tojo sprawls in a chair a few moments after he attempted to commit suicide by firing a bullet into his chest to avoid trial, but was saved by an American doctor, so he would be well to stand trial as a war criminal” states  among other things the detailed paper summary in the back and it is credited to International News Photo (INP) and MANANA Archives with its stamp also in the back, the condition is very good and it measures 8 x 10 inches. GREAT MEMORIES OF TIMES PAST!!!!!!!!!!”

Although this image has no direct relevance to the investigation, for the sake of completeness, I thought it would make a good addition to the blog.

Hideki Tojo after his attempted suicide

Hideki Tojo after his attempted suicide

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thesoulofjapanDecember 21st, 2010 at 5:06 am

This is a despicable picture of Mr. Tojo. You should remove this. Have you no dignity?

MarkDecember 7th, 2011 at 9:23 pm

I Agree, this photo should be removed. This is very Disrespectful to the people of Japan. How did we feel seeing Dead or Gravely Injured Americans Beheaded on Youtube or being dragged through the streets of Iraq.

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