List of individuals on the scene at Tojo’s arrest

I’m using this post to keep track of individuals that were on the scene at Tojo’s arrest (September 11, 1945).

Katsuko and Hideki  Tojo

Source #1: NY Times Article

  • George E Jones war correspondent for the NY times (author of the NY Times article)
  • Major Kraus who lead the capture effort
  • Captain James Jonson who was the Army Doctor that saved Tojo’s life
  • Lieutenant George Guyse of San Francisco
  • Lieutenant Jack Wills of Saratoga Springs
  • Captain William T (assumed to be William Trout)
  • Hiraoka (a Nisei)
  • James Ward, special agent (assumed to be CIC) of 8 Governors Road Bronx NY

Source #2: Post to this Blog by Kay Alsbrook Joyner

  • Sgt, William (Buddy) Alsbrook (1st infantry division)

Source #3: Washington Post Article

  • John J. Wilpers (308th Counter Intelligence Corps)

Source # 4: Photo of Cornelius Ryan

Source # 5: New York Times Obituary

  • Isadore Gold, 80, Army Doctor Who Helped to Keep Tojo Alive (was probably not at the arrest)

Source # 6: Army photographs attributed to Charles Gorry.

  • Charles P. Gorry, Associated Press staff photographer on assignment with the wartime still picture pool, whose home is at Hollis, N.Y. (Later, Falls Church, Va.)




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David WilliamsSeptember 10th, 2013 at 7:50 pm

My name is David Williams, my father Clarence W. Willams
308 CID was also part of the team that captured Tojo. My
father also guarded Tojo during all of the IMTFE. He stated
that he was approached by several wealthy Japanese
that offerred him huge bribes to allow Tojo to commit
suicide. On one occasion, my father found Tojo collapsed
and nearly dead; Tojo had been saving tobacco from
cigarettes he had been given and he had soaked them
in a glass of water to kill himself with the nicotine. (nicotine
is used in tranquilizer guns to bring down very large

RobJune 4th, 2014 at 8:30 am

Captain Albert Battaglia was my father in law, and attended to Tojo after his suicide attempt.

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